Nodar 010


Edições Nodar present a book and CD which is totally immersed in the naural and human context of the municipality of São Pedro do Sul. The four sound compositions included on the CD are the result of a territorial aggregation of sounds captured in geographic sub-areas. .

Nodar 008


Edições Nodar in collaboration with the Video Collection "La Parette della Caverna" publish an essay book + DVD about two art works of religious nature by Manuela Barile: "Cà" and "Moroloja", both developed in the Gralheira mountain range (São Pedro do Sul, PT), where the artist and Binaural/Nodar's artistic director artist lives. Two works about mourning death, either individual (of a mother for her daughter ) or collective (the death of a village), whose character is a mater dolorosa who initiates a mourning process and as such, the restoration of a new equilibrium.

Nodar 007


he artistic practice of Rui Costa, although it does not strictly fit the aesthetics of "field recordings", which is centered on an inquiry of the subject's relation to the surrounding acoustic space, often incorporates elements of recorded sound in various human and natural environments as part of the field work for projects that use sound in a decontextualized way from its original source. This collection contains field recordings made by Rui Costa between 2001 and 2003 for a number of performative and exhibition projects, either individually or in collaboration with other artists .

Nodar 009


Edições Nodar present a digital compilation with 45 tracks and over five hours of duration, corresponding to the years of activity of the duo ja_dijiste, formed by the Portuguese sound artist (and Binaural/Nodar director) Rui Costa and by the spanish sound artist Iñaki Ríos.

Nodar 005


Edições Nodar publish "Lafões: Imprensa e História (1895-1910)" ("Lafões: Press and History (1895-1910)"), a collection of texts written by historian Norberto Gomes da Costa (born in Nodar, São Pedro do Sul in 1940) that were over two years published in the biweekly newspaper "Gazeta da Beira" and are the result of a study of the regional press of Lafões.

Nodar 002


An intuitive composition created by Jez riley French with Luis Costa (coordinator of the Nodar Artist Residency Centre) & the Nodar landscape itself & the young clarinetist Joana Silva. Joana literally deconstructs the piece ‘Solo de Concours’ composed in 1901 by Henri Rabaud whilst walking through water, wind, snakes, dogs, brush cutters, & aircraft crossing the sky overhead on the way to fight bush fires.

Nodar 001


Football Sound Narratives is a web-based edition of sound works centred around specificities of the game of football: the selected works focus on both the professional and the amateur game, revealing issues rooted in individual and collective spectatorship, language and accent, the family, local legend, televised media and other global commercial trends.