Nodar Rural Art Lab is program of in-situ creative labs in sound art developed in connection with landscapes and communities of the Gralheira Mountain Range, namely the rural community of Nodar, a small village in the center of Portugal, located aproximately 150 km from Oporto and 350 km from Lisbon.

The creative labs are presently hold in several villages of the Gralheira Mountain Range, namely Nodar, Covas do Rio, Macieira and Coelheira.

The organization strongly encourage the artists-in-residency to present projects that can establish interaction with the place, its inhabitants, geographic space and memory.

Disciplines and media:

Sound art, improvised music, electroacoustic composition, sound sculptures, intermedia installation, etc.

Expenses paid by artists:

Artists will only have to pay their trip to/from the region. Nevertheless, the organization always tries to get some aid from the local embassies or local delegations of cultural institutes of the artists’ countries. We also encourage artists to contact the relevant cultural entities at their countries to get financial support for their trips.

Artists will be provided with housing, audio and video equipment, food and a social space for the artists-in-residence to network with other artists and local publics. Other trips to local spots of interest or to the performance spaces are also supported by the organization.

Presentation of artists’ work:

We encourage all artists to share the result of their residency / international collaboration through an open rehearsal, studio performance, talk or exhibition at the Center for local audiences.

Additional performances / exhibitions can be arranged in the neighbour cities of Viseu and S. Pedro do Sul and also Lisbon and Oporto. The artists should inform the organization in advance in order to prepare these events.