Lafões Cult Lab is a space dedicated to site-specific sound/media arts residencies and social research, developed in interaction with communities and rural landscapes of the Portuguese Lafões region, formed by the municipalities of São Pedro do Sul, Vouzela and Oliveira de Frades. Binaural/Nodar’s artist residency programme celebrated in 2016 its 10th anniversary of continuous activity, having been hosted so far more than 150 artists and researchers from around the world. The organization encourages the resident artists to establish interactions with the place, its inhabitants, geographic space, identity and memory.

Since it began its activities in rural context that Binaural/Nodar has been extending its geographical area of intervention. The years between 2006 and 2009 were the years of deepening the artistic research on a limited group of mountain villages (in the municipality of São Pedro do Sul): Nodar and Sequeiros, where the family roots of board members Rui and Luis Costa are located, also Rompecilha, Macieira, Covas do Monte, Covas do Rio, Candal, Manhouce, etc. In 2010, Binaural / Nodar spent a whole year developing artistic research along a major river in the region, River Paiva, which meant an extension to other municipalities such as Castro Daire and Vila Nova de Paiva.

From 2015 on, Binaural/Nodar established collaboration agreements with four municipalities, São Pedro do Sul, Vouzela, Oliveira de Frades and Viseu, where it has been developing multimedia ethnographic research and sound/media arts’ production, and is expected from 2016 to work gradually in order to cover all 14 municipalities of Viseu Dão Lafões Region.

Disciplines and media:
Sound art, improvised music, electroacoustic composition, sound sculptures, intermedia installation, etc.

Expenses paid by artists:
Artists will only have to pay their trip to/from the region. Nevertheless, the organization always tries to get some aid from the local embassies or local delegations of cultural institutes of the artists’ countries. We also encourage artists to contact the relevant cultural entities at their countries to get financial support for their trips. Artists will be provided with housing, audio and video equipment, food and a social space for the artists-in-residence to network with other artists and local publics. Other trips to local spots of interest or to the performance spaces are also supported by the organization.

Presentation of artists’ work:
It is mandatory for all artists to share the result of their residency / international collaboration through an open rehearsal, studio performance, talk or exhibition at the Center for local audiences. Additional performances / exhibitions can be arranged in the neighbour cities of Viseu, S. Pedro do Sul or Vouzela and also Lisbon and Oporto. The artists should inform the organization in advance in order to prepare these events.

Every year Binaural/Nodar announces an open call for applications and only from that moment it is possible to send proposals for residencies (likely period for the open call announcement: between March and June each year, for artistic projects to be developed the following year) and the deadline for the submission of applications is set to happen between 30 September and 31 October. Also, the artist residences have a defined subject to be announced every year, therefore we advise artists not to send projects that do not fit with that subject.

The selection committee, comprised by the board of directors at Binaural/Nodar, will announce the results of the selected projects no later than three months after the deadline for applications.

Additional information and queries:

Luís Costa