Teatro Viriato

“Macário” by Manuela Barile, Sun. 25 May at 12:00 in Macieira, São Pedro do Sul

19 May, 2014|

“Macário” A performance/sound installation by Manuela Barile Manuela Barile, Romulus Neagu and amateur actors from the villages of the Gralheira mountain range (São Pedro do Sul, PT) Co-production: Binaural/Nodar and Viriato Theatre Public presentation: Sunday, 25 May at 12h00 Location: [...]

“Multi-Channel Sound” workshop to take place in Viseu (PT), 2 to 5 Nov.

23 October, 2010|

"Multi-Channel Sound" Workshop Directed by Duncan Whitley Teatro Viriato, Viseu (PT) 2 to 5 November 2010 Tue to Fri 7.30pm to 10.30pm Capacity 12 participants Price 20 Euros Age rating 16+ This workshop is part of Binaural / Nodar's Program of Workshops on Sound Experimentation and will examine the creative potential of sound as a sensual, sculptural and inherently spatial medium, whilst developing in parallel a theoretical framework based on acoustic communication. The workshop will be directed by Duncan Whitley, an artist specialized in sound installations, and will offer an introduction to technical aspects of setting up multi-channel installation environments as well as to creative strategies for dealing with sound in physical space.

Sound Objects – Viseu, PT

20 January, 2009|

A sound objects workshop directed by Antonio Mainenti was held at  Viriato Theatre (Viseu, PT) between January 15th and 17th, 2009. During 18 hours, was presented an historical overview of sound objects, were explored the acoustical aspects of several materials [...]