SOCCOS – The Sound of Culture – The Culture of Sound

2017-04-20T16:51:03+00:00 20 April, 2017|

[ad_1] Amanhã, 21/4 teremos o prazer de apresentar a publicação TALES OF SONIC DISPLACEMENT no auditório da livraria da Universidade de Aveiro pelas 11h00. A publicação é o resultado de um projeto Creative Europe intitulado SoCCoS - Sounds of Culture [...]

After a rather long wait, #SoCCoS project’s catalogue – TALES OF SONIC DISPLACE

2017-04-12T16:20:57+00:00 12 April, 2017|

[ad_1] After a rather long wait, #SoCCoS project's catalogue - TALES OF SONIC DISPLACEMENT - is finally about to be released and it has a first presentation already scheduled for next April 21st at 11h00 at Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal. [...]

Land, People & Sound. Sound Art Residency in Vouzela

2017-02-13T18:31:43+00:00 9 October, 2016|

Land, People & Sound Sound art residency Municipality of Vouzela (Portugal) October 9th to 29th, 2016 Public Presentation, October 29th at 18:00 Lafões.Cult.Lab, Vouzela (Portugal) with: Émilie Bahuaud [FR] Juan Duarte Regino [MX] Marialuisa Capurso [IT] Sébastien Piquemal [FR] An [...]

Vougascapes #4 – Collective residency along river Vouga

2017-02-13T18:31:43+00:00 8 August, 2016|

VOUGASCAPES#4 International Summer Sound Practice and Social Research Residency August, 21st - 27th, 2016 Villages on the banks of river Vouga, municipalities of São Pedro do Sul, Vouzela and Oliveira de Frades (Portugal) Final Presentation: Lafões.Cult.Lab, Vouzela, August 27th, 19h00 [...]

Images from “Playing the Rural Landscape” residency and public presentation

2016-06-28T22:36:07+00:00 1 May, 2016|

At Centro Cultural Casa do Povo located in the welcoming village of Santa Cruz da Trapa (São Pedro do Sul), with the spring sunshine filling the soul, took place on April 30, 2016 the final session of "Playing the Rural [...]

Vougascapes #3: Artist residency in Casal de Sejães, Oliveira de Frades

2017-02-13T18:31:44+00:00 1 April, 2016|

VOUGASCAPES #3 Sound Art Student Micro Residency 21th - 24th April 2016 Casal de Sejães, Oliveira de Frades (PT) Co-Organization: University of Aveiro, Binaural/Nodar Support: Municipality of Oliveira de Frades For the sixth consecutive year, Binaural/Nodar hosts on its territory [...]

Open call for sound art residencies in 2016

2015-05-15T14:59:39+00:00 15 May, 2015|

PLAYING THE RURAL LANDSCAPE Artist Residency Program in Sound and Experimental Music for 2016 Part of SOCCOS, an European sound/experimental music artist residency network including Binaural/Nodar (PT), QO-2 (BE), Disk/CTM (DE), Hai-Art (FI) and A-I-R Laboratory (PL). Municipalities of [...]

SOCCOS’ public presentation in Açores, São Pedro do Sul (PT)

2015-05-01T02:36:47+00:00 1 May, 2015|

Playing the Rural Landscape Public presentation with sound art works developed in specific context with Yannick Guédon, Helena Espvall and Pierre Berthet. Saturday, 2 May | 16h00-1800 (followed by a communal traditional buffet) Açores, civil parish of Sul, municipality of [...]

“Playing the Rural Landscape”, artist residency in the civil parish of Sul part of SoCCoS network

2015-03-31T01:12:44+00:00 30 March, 2015|

Playing the Rural Landscape Sound art residency Civil parish of South, municipality of São Pedro do Sul (Portugal) April, 12th to May 2nd, 2015 Public Presentation, May 2nd, 2015 at 16:00 with: Helena Espvall (SE/US) Pierre Berthet (BE) Yannick Guédon [...]

Vougascapes#2 educational artist residency part of SoCCoS european network

2015-03-31T12:02:03+00:00 30 March, 2015|

Vougascapes #2
 Educational artist residency, sound art labs and installations in public space Students of the Master of Contemporary Artistic Creation at the University of Aveiro Co-organizers: Binaural/Nodar and Department of Communication and Arts, University of Aveiro Termas de Sao [...]