Passageira em Casa

“Passenger at Home” by Maile Colbert hosted at an artistic residency at Atelier RE.AL (Lisbon, PT)

2017-02-13T18:31:51+00:00 31 August, 2013|

"Passenger at Home" by Maile Colbert hosted at an artistic residency at Estúdio RE.AL (Lisbon, PT) “Passageira em Casa / Passenger at Home”, a intermedia project by Maile Colbert, produced by Binaural/Nodar and funded by the Government of Portugal | [...]

Maile Colbert gives lectures on “Passageira em Casa”

2017-02-13T18:31:52+00:00 21 May, 2013|

The American intermedia artist and associate member of Binaural/Nodar, Maile Colbert, will give two lectures on the work developed for her ongoing project "Passageira em Casa". At ISMAI - Instituto Superior da Maia, Maile will give a multimedia presentation of [...]

“Passageira em Casa” by Maile Colbert hosted by Australian artist in residence program

2017-02-13T18:31:52+00:00 6 March, 2013|

"Passageira em Casa / Passanger at Home", a multi-media maritime project by Maile Colbert, produced by Binaural/Nodar and funded by the Government of Portugal | General Directorate for the Arts is having an australian version developed between March 25th and April 14th, 2013 in the scope of the international Artist in Residence Program—iAIR, at the School of Art - RMIT University in Melbourne

Passageira em Casa at Rathmines Library in Dublin

2017-02-13T18:31:57+00:00 21 January, 2013|

A mix-down sound version of Passageira em Casa, a project by Maile Colbert and funded by the Portuguese General Directorate for the Arts was selected for Sound Devices, a series of sound miniatures to be presented throughout 2013 at Rathmines Library [...]

Maile Colbert gives lectures on “Passageira em Casa” at SUNY Binghamton

2017-02-13T18:31:59+00:00 9 October, 2012|

Maile Colbert will give two lectures at the State University of New York, Binghamton (US), where she will discuss her recent work, with a focus on her intermedia project "Passageira em Casa". 10.Oct.12: Audio/Visual Performance class in Film and Video Department: Screening of intermedia and interdisciplinary projects by Maile Colbert using live video and audio techniques, with a highlight on her new project "Passageira em Casa".

Maile Colbert presents “Passageira em Casa” at Electronic Music Foundation, NY

2017-02-13T18:32:04+00:00 15 December, 2011|

Sunday, December 18, 2pm Greenwich House Music School 46 Barrow St. New York, NY Admission: Free Passageira em Casa is a multimedia performance inspired by concepts of home and migration. The narrative is a partially fictionalized and personalized account of the maritime history of Portugal, enacted by a dancer, a vocal performer, live video performer, live electronic composer, and other artists. The project is inspired by various texts related to maritime journeys and Portuguese history and culture. In her presentation at EMF, Colbert will discuss her use of site-specific field recordings of tectonic plates, earthquakes, and tidal movements in the piece. She will also address how flora, fauna, constelations and maritime navigation techniques have influenced the work.

“Passenger at Home”: Open Call for Residency/Workshop

2017-02-13T18:32:08+00:00 1 May, 2011|

Open Call Workshop/Residency "Passenger at Home": Task-based Choreography Directed by Maile Colbert and Wanda Gala With dramaturgic support by Rui Catalão Production: Binaural/Nodar Centro de Experimentação Artística Fábrica da Pólvora (Barcarena, Oeiras, Portugal) 27 June - 2 July 2011 Total duration: 42 hours (7 hours/day) Deadline for reception of applications: 15 June 2011