Free Improvisation

Nodar Rural Art Lab’s open call until October 31st

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PATHS OF RURAL MOBILITY Artist Residency Program in Sound and Intermedia Arts for 2014 Montemuro, Arada and Gralheira Mountain Ranges (Portugal) April and October 2014 An organization of Binaural/Nodar In partnership with (Basque Country) and Tramontana Network of Memory [...]

Divina Sonus Ruris: Open call for sound art residencies until September 30th

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Divina Sonus Ruris The Sound of the Sacred in Rural Communities Program of Creative Labs in Sound Art and Experimental Research for 2013 Call Open until September 30th, 2012 "We were always friends. But as happens with between family members [...]

Rui Costa at 2º Festival Vibracional TPS, Santiago (ES), 4.Jun.11

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2º Festival Vibracional TPS Saturday 4.June.2011, 1.30pm Xesús Valle (computer) & Rui Costa (computer) Cidade da Cultura, Santiago de Compostela (ES) Rui Costa, artistic director of Binaural/Nodar will participare in 2º Festival Vibracional TPS, to take place on Saturday, 4.June.2011 at Cidade da Cultura, in Santiago de Compostela (Spain). The event is organized by TPS - Centro de Novas Tecnoloxias do Pico Sagro, a collective of multidisciplinary Galician artists focused on the free improvisation practice as an artistic and collective work method . Rui Costa will play with the Galician musician Xesus Valle as a duo and their presentation will be based on the creation of harmonic and polyrhythmic structures from the improvised interplay between the artists, using granular synthesis. The sound elements from the real world will be subjected to an abstraction and formalization process in order to obtain primordial acoustic elements that can be molded by the artists.