Tramontana Forum to happen in Italy between June 21st and 28th

2017-02-13T18:31:45+00:00 19 June, 2015|

Between June 21th and 28th will take place a Tramontana International Forum, integrated into the new Creative Europe programme, part of European Commission's Culture sub-program 2014-2020, between associations dedicated to audiovisual research of rural mountain cultures from Portugal, Spain, France [...]

Book+DVD published: “The Sense of Pain: Two Works by Manuela Barile”

2017-02-13T18:31:48+00:00 5 September, 2014|

Manuela Barile The Sense of Pain: Two Works by Manuela Barile Edited by Luís Costa, Filippo Lanci and Gianfranco Spitilli 104 page book + DVD with works "Cà" e "Moroloja" Bilingual edition: Italian and English Published by Edições Nodar (nodar.008) [...]

“Limina”: Manuela Barile at Museo d’arte dello Splendore (Giulianova, Italy)

2017-02-13T18:31:48+00:00 28 July, 2014|

"Limina:  Screening of Video Art pieces of Manuela Barile and Leo Canali. Encounter with the artists" 19 August 2014, 9.00pm Curated by Marialuisa De Santis and Father Filippo Lanci, Moderation by Federica De Lucia Museo d'Arte dello Splendore Giulianova, Terano [...]

“Ten years after, in the mountains” presented in Penna S. Andrea (Italy)

2017-02-13T18:31:48+00:00 28 July, 2014|

2 August 2014, 10.00am - 7.00pm Seminar "Cultures of Passage: Transmission, Recognition, Reinvention" Centro Polivalente Penna S. Andrea, Teramo (Italy) "Ten years after, in the mountains" A conference/performance by Luís Costa and Manuela Barile A free flow of words, sounds, [...]

Website of Tramontana Network of southern european mountain cultures is now published

2017-02-13T18:31:50+00:00 20 December, 2013|

Tramontana Network of cultural documentation from southern European mountain areas, which has the active participation of Binaural/Nodar, has just published its Internet site, which describes the various participating organizations, partners, actions, events and types of documentation produced under this project funded [...]

Tramontana Festival celebrates media arts and rural intangible heritage during April 2013

2013-03-29T01:35:22+00:00 28 March, 2013|

Throughout the month of April 2013, Binaural/Nodar will combine in one single event, the TRAMONTANA FESTIVAL, a wide range of creation, documentation and research activities related to the intangible heritage of the region and its inclusion in an European network [...]

Binaural/Nodar participates in Tramontana 2nd International Forum

2017-02-13T18:32:00+00:00 16 September, 2012|

Tramontana - 2nd International Forum:  Cultural Heritage from European Mountains Research, Management and Diffusion for Rural Territories Development Campania | Abruzzo (Italy) 24 - 30 September, 2012 Binaural/Nodar began on 1 May 2012 the participation in the European project Tramontana, a [...]

Binaural/Nodar participates in forum of traditional mountain cultures from southern europe

2017-02-13T18:32:02+00:00 23 June, 2012|

TRAMONTANA NETWORK Meeting in the Pyrenees (France) Monday, June 25 to Monday, July 2, 2012 Places: Tarbes - Bouilh-Péreuilh - Lourdes - St Gaudens - Arbas (Region Midi-Pyrenees, France) Binaural / Nodar began on May 1, 2012 the participation in [...]

Binaural/Nodar participates in a media archive european project

2017-02-13T18:32:02+00:00 11 May, 2012|

Binaural / Nodar began on May 1, 2012 the participation in the European project Tramontana, a sound and video archive network of Romance language mountain areas. The project is funded by the Culture 2007-2013 program and has a first phase [...]

“Educazione al Paesaggio Sonoro” seminar in Italy

2017-02-13T18:32:03+00:00 10 May, 2012|

Theoretical and Practical Seminar Educazione al Paesaggio Sonoro ("Education for Soundscape") June 08-09-10, 2012 | 9:30 to 18:00 Cellino Attanasio (province of Teramo, Abbruzzo Region, Italy) Coordination Luis Costa featuring Manuela Barile Registration: Additional Information: Our smallest gesture [...]