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“Passageira em Casa/Passenger at Home”: open studio at PerFormas, Aveiro (PT)

2017-02-13T18:32:07+00:00 21 July, 2011|

"Passageira em Casa/Passenger at Home", a project by Maile Colbert will have an artist residency between 22 and 27 Aug. at Estúdio PerFormas in Aveiro, where the audience will have the opportunity to witness the creative process of an intermedia [...]

Framework radio show dedicated to Paivascapes #1 broadcasted on Resonance FM

2017-02-13T18:32:09+00:00 5 April, 2011|

Paivascapes #1 - Paiva River Sound Festival will be the subject of Patrick McGinley's Framework radio show to be first broadcasted on the London-based Resonance 104.4 FM station, on April 10th at 10:00pm local time and following on several European and US radio stations. The radio piece to be broadcasted was composed by Rui Costa and is entitled "Around the River Bend". It features a variety of locations, times of day, seasons, and contexts including recordings of the Paivascapes #1 festival performances, source material collected by the artists for their sound and audiovisual installations, sound clips included in Binaural/Nodar's Paiva River Sound Mapping project, spontaneous recordings of social gatherings during the festival, and improvisations made by children inspired by the river soundscapes or by the names of the places where the festival happened, etc..

Paivascapes #1 Festival: 4 – 8 March 2011

2017-02-13T18:32:10+00:00 2 February, 2011|

PAIVASCAPES #1 – PAIVA RIVER SOUND FESTIVAL Vila Nova de Paiva, Castro Daire, São Pedro do Sul, Arouca, Castelo de Paiva (PT) March 4th – 8th, 2011 Retrospective exhibition, multimedia concerts, site-specific sound installations, conferences, video works screenings, sound perception activities and environmental walks. “An innovative and itinerant festival where the sound and multimedia arts will interact with riverside landscapes and communities along the Paiva River, from its source to its mouth. “Paivascapes #1 will include exhibitions and sound and multimedia concerts related to the Paiva River, by over twenty renowned artists from Europe, America and Asia.”

Resident Densities: Exhibition Binaural / MokS in Tartu (EE)

2017-02-13T18:32:27+00:00 1 August, 2010|

Resident Densities Exhibition by artists who participated at Binaural- MoKS exchange programme in 2008- 2010 Y- gallery, Tartu, Estonia 4th-  21st of August, 2010 You are cordially invited to exhibition opening at August 3rd, 5pm On the edges of Europe, [...]