Aldeias Sonoras

Intergenerational Sound Dialogues

25 January, 2012|

Sound Villages2012 Intergenerational Sound Dialogues Canelas Primary School, Arouca (PT) 1 -11 February, 2012 The educational project Sound Villages consists in the recording, editing and mapping of the acoustic heritage of rural villages in parallel with its geographical, historical and socio-cultural survey, promoting a sense of identity, diversity and pride in living in rural areas. In 2012 this project [...]

Aldeias Sonoras celebrates World Forest Day

16 March, 2011|

Aldeias Sonoras Celebrates World Forest Day EB1 School of Canelas, Arouca 22 March 2011, 4pm The second cycle of the educational project Aldeias Sonoras (Sound Villages), which took place in four municipalities crossed by the Paiva River, will be concluded with an event on the World Forest Day. In this event, to take place on March 22nd in the village of Canelas, Arouca - a village known for the slate stone craftsmanship - the Sound Map of the Paiva River will be officially presented, the children involved in the project will present to the community the sounds they captured and edited near the Paiva River in 2010, and a series of sound games will be made based on this material.