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Project Description

William Lamson


Residency Period:
15 – 28 October 2010

Art Project:

Video, Audio, Performance, Sculpture

The idea of the living in balance with nature is the inspiration for the performance, audio and video project called Drift. I propose a performance in which I will stand on the surface of the Paiva, moving slowly down the last 28 kilometres of the river until it opens up to the Douro. To do this, I will build a simple floatation device that is calibrated to my weight but remains entirely submerged except for a small disc just below my feet. A pair of fibreglass boots mounted to the vessel will hold my feet in place and help me keep my balance. This project situates my body in a delicate equilibrium with the river surface. Moving slowly with the invisible force of the current, Drift will allow me to experience the Paiva River in an intimate way, one in which I have given up control of my movement to the river itself. From this position of vulnerability, I will make a series of field recordings that will become the score of a minimalist piece. Sequenced with this audio piece will be a video documenting my slow progression down river.

Project Chronology

On site at Residency
Days 1-5, Build, test and calibrate floatation device in the Paiva by Nodar.
Day 5-7, Scout 28 Kilometre journey down river.
Days 8-14, Launch vessel and begin 28 Kilometre journey down river.