Sons do Rural

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Project Description

A documentary by Tiago Dias dos Santos

Production Year 2013
Duration 23 minutes 28 seconds 
Produced and Directed Tiago Dias dos Santos
Research and Development Tiago Dias dos Santos
Image and Audio Anthony Lyons, David Prior, Manuela Barile, Nely Ferreira, Tiago Dias dos Santos
Director of Photography Tiago Dias dos Santos
Film Editor Tiago Dias dos Santos 
Color Grading Eduarda Ferreira
Sound Editor, Designer and Mixer Carlos Casaleiro
Graphic Design Nuno Filipe Ferreira

Co-production: Binaural/Nodar and Master in Multimedia, Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto
With Antony Lyons, David Prior, José Almeida, Luís Costa, Manuela Barile,

Artist residencies, while environment of artistic creation, allow an interchange of experiences and knowledge amongst different people, with different backgrounds. The artistic work is directly influenced by the contact with the local community, while artists are influenced by the population with which they interact. Sons do Rural approaches this subject, using for that the Divina Sonus Ruris residency developed in Sul and Macieira (both in the municipality of São Pedro do Sul) by Binaural / Nodar in April 2013, exploring these different points of view from the community, artists and organization.


Public Presentations

Figueira Film Art

12th September 2014

Centro de Artes e Espetáculo da Figueira da Foz

Figueira da Foz, Portugal

Figueira Film Art

13th September 2014

Museu do Sal

Figueira da Foz, Portugal

Sons & Ruralidades

19th September 2014

Village of S. Joanico

Vimioso, Portugal

Contacts for programming and screening of the documentary:

Tiago Dias dos Santos:
Luis Costa (Binaural / Nodar):