Sérgio Cruz

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Project Description

Project: 3 Pastorinhos (working title)
Category: Video and Performance
Period: June 2009
Event: Art Residency

My art practice has always been an intuitive and automatic response driven by personal events, thoughts and feelings, integrated in to my daily routine. In Nodar I am interested in creating a disturbing single screen moving image artwork in collaboration with local communities about animals life and death in rural areas. I grew up in the Portuguese countryside. Animals are an important feature in daily life. My father kept a small farm and still does. He breeds animals for the family to eat. When growing up, I would assist my father in many aspects of running the farm, which would include feeding, milking, working the land with the animals and eventually, when the time came, assist in the killing of the animal. It would be really natural for me to take care of the animals on a daily basis and this would result in me feeling very “close” with them. However, I had to remember the purpose of the farm so when the time came, I would not naively be upset. Since living in the city and especially London, I started to see other attitudes to animals- the one that sees them as pets.

Sérgio Cruz | Portugal, England

Sérgio Cruz is an independent artist/filmmaker, sound designer and editor. He was born in Vila Nova de Famalicão (Portugal) and holds a degree in Sound and Image by the Arts School of the Oporto Catholic University. In 2005 he moved to London where he took the MA Fine Arts at Central Saint Martins and Arts in Dance for the Screen at London Contemporary Dance School. Since 2004 he has been working as a video creator and sound designer for dance pieces, installations and feature films, having directed seven works of his own. He also has worked as choreographer, dancer and VJ. Sérgio Cruz received several prizes such as the New Creators prize granted by the Clube de Artes e Ideias, the New Talent FNAC prize at the IndieLisboa festival, the best short movie at Tom de Vídeo 06 festival and the Red Mansion Art Prize.