Project Description

Project: Walk[s]
Category: Field recordings, sound art
Period: June 2008
Event: Art Residency

« Walk[s] » is a project of sound creation in residency, and also the research for a form of musical writing, through the meeting with an environment. This research will use the techniques of field-recording, as well as improvisation with found objects, sound installation or documentary, and mainly: walking exploration and encounters. All of this carried out with an extended idea of what an environment is, by questioning the sonorous specificities of space, as well as its geographical, temporal, social or political datum.
The purpose of the residency is not the effective realization of a sound piece, though there might be one, or several attempts. But the time spent in Nodar would allow carrying on this research for an innovative form of composition, through a specific work of listening and an extensive relation to space. Also, by setting up a process that would provoke an encounter with the environment, the village, its inhabitants and the people of Nodar Guest Studio.

Samuel Ripault (a.k.a. Pali Meursault) | France

is a French field recordist and sound artist. He is the co-founder of the experimental music label Universinternational and member of the Ici-Même Art collective in Grenoble.
Since the early 00’s he has been creating many sound works (several of which were released through labels such as Universinternational, And-Oar, Picomedia and Entr’acte), listening projects in several cities, sound installations and experimental radio pieces.