I’m going to your table

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Project Description

Rogério Nuno Costa
Vou à tua Mesa

The project “Vou à tua Mesa” (“I’m going to your table”) comes in the context of the trilogy “Eu Vou a tua Casa” (“I’m going to your house”) (2003/2006), a theatrical performance that happened at the homes of viewers, in public spaces to the viewers choice and at the artist’s own home. During the third phase of the project “Eu Vou a tua Casa” (generally sub-titled “Side C”, 2006) the project “Vou à tua Mesa” began to take its first steps. The performance was the creation of a relational and conferencial context that happened at the table for a meal prepared by the artist, while host, speaker, chef, master of ceremonies and moderator of a fictionalized working meeting. The food is in this context not only a powerful metaphor denouncing the concepts of intimacy and closeness (dear to the entire trilogy), but also the pluperfect pretext for the realization of an idea of theatrical performance as a “meeting” using the specific element of food as a device for a sensitive/sensorial revelation and as macro-concept, at the same time performative, ritualistic, visual and relational.