Project Description

Phill Niblock & Katherine Liberovskaya

USA, Canada

Residency Period:
1 – 14 July 2010

Art Project:
“Cross-and-along Paiva”

Sound and Video Art

Our project will examine the meeting of the natural environment of the Paiva River with the man-made environment that comes into contact with it. More precisely it will focus on the intersection points where roads cross or reach the river. Thus, it will juxtapose the various eco-systems around and even inside the Paiva River with the reality of the presence of the human shaping of the territory. The intersection points will serve as “excavation” sites for the collection of sounds and images. Aural and visual field recordings ranging from broad macroscopic perspectives to microscopic details will capture non “documentary” impressions of each site. (If our sector contains any villages or towns directly on the river we may attempt to supplement these field sounds and images with recordings of different stories about the Paiva River from locals.) Recording equipment will include stereo, binaural and under-water microphones for audio and digital video cameras with a variety of lenses for video (we are also looking into the possibility of air-tight camera encasing for underwater video). The recorded audio and video clips will serve as material for an audio-visual performance where we mix sound and video live via laptops and hardware. We will also produce a 10 minute single-channel multi-layered audio-video piece which will be mastered on DVD.