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Project Description

Pedro Tudela and Miguel Carvalhais (Portugal)

There is something in verbalization that has a different consciousness from that of a seen and read text: The suspensions, the breadth, the attack and the release of words or phrases. These, together with timbre, are modes related to speech that contribute to differentiate, personalize and identify the voices that speak. In singing, in praying or even in giving a speech, these truths dilate, as the spoken words present themselves extended with the amount of harmonics and tones. Separating these additive results and isolating them with subtractive processes transforms the intelligibility of speech into noise, which doesn’t relinquish or completely rejects the filter to which it was subjected but proposes a new sonic plasticity, free from the initial narrative.

Miguel Carvalhais and Pedro Tudela have been collaborating together since 2000 as -c, developing sound or audiovisual work, when accompanied by the Austrian artist Lia. Their work uses three complementary approaches to sound art and digital music: procedural composition, musique concrète and improvisation. Throughout the years Tudela and Carvalhais have been creating progressively complex compositions, within the fields of experimental music, sound art and live performance.