Patxi Valera

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Project Description


Patxi Valera was born in A Coruña (Galicia, Spain) in 1970 and has a degree in Social Psychology. His self- taught learning, as well as his ecletic artistic-musical character, directed him to engage with various formations of collective creations which work focused primarily on audiovisual experimentation and free improvisation. In 1991 he helped to put in motion the multimedia group Kozmic Muffin in which he participated as a drummer, percussionist, lyricist and screenwriter for more than 10 years. Since forming in 1999 PARTO along with drummer Luis Alberto Rodríguez Legido he dedicated to deepen the study of form and sound in experimental music. In 2002 he started working with L.A.R. Legido on the prototype of what is currently the Aquófono, a new way to generate musical noise from simple water drops. He is part of CNTPS, Pico Sacro Centre for New Technologies organizing the “Sesiones Vibracionales” cycle of improvised music concerts. A result of this experience was the orchestra OMEGA, Orquestra de Música Espontánea de Galicia, formed by nearly thirty Galician musicians and visual artists committed to creating real-time music guided by bodily signs from a director.