Marta Bernardes & Ignacio Martinez

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Project Description

Project: “Phonetic fauna – Animal voice”

Category: Sculpture, Performance, Audio and Video Art

Period: July 2009

Event: Art Residency

“A voice and a violin search for each other, they seek on their possible meeting the echoes of an immanent animality .

“The human and the animal voice, their possible meeting or maladjustment, the particularities of their coexistence amongst the people of Nodar, are the main axis for the project, either on the guidelines for the treatment of the audio-visual-performative material and for the treatment of objects that focus on the building of sculptural-sonic devices inspired on the local environment: their anatomy and their shapes. There is room for improvisation, for the presence and experience of both place and instant. Bearing in mind the fact that we are speaking about voices, the heritage of experimental poetry, either sound or visual, is extremely important, because it is difficult to forget the long-standing links between the human voice and the writing; the connection between the animal voice and the body and its secret deadly evidence of vitality, that is, of perenniality.”

“Coro de Noé”, one of the videos presented by Marta and Ignacio at their public presentation in Nodar:

Marta Bernardes & Ignacio Martinez | Portugal, Spain

Marta Bernardes is a Portuguese artist based in Spain who works in the areas of performance and audiovisual arts. She holds a Master Degree in Psychoanalysis and Philosophy of Culture by the Philosophy Faculty of Madrid. She has been attending workshops in Spain, Portugal, Netherlands and Belgium and has presented performances in several Portuguese venues.

Ignacio Martinez is a Spanish musician and sculptor. He holds a degree in Fine Arts by the Complutense University of Madrid and has been presenting several musical and theatrical projects throughout Spain.