Paiva Players

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Project Description

Marc Behrens


Residency Period:
1 – 14 October 2010

Art Project:
“Paiva Players”

Sound Art, Contemporary Music, Clairvoyance

The project involves two stages: The production of a number of recordings of 3 to 5 selected volunteers living in the designated area (in places along a section of the Paiva River) performing some daily activities that have a conjunction with the river. These recordings will be the basis for short sound pieces. The construction and installation of floating sound players which will move downstream or be anchored at different spots along a designated section of the river (where possible) and play back parts of these sound pieces. A river moves, yet seems to have a defined position in space and time. An occasional visitor might not be aware of details. People who live nearby rivers, and whose life are determined or depending on the rivers qualities, know best. Daily activities carried out by these locals might in turn look quite uniform, similar day in and day out – yet they are not. Even if the environmental conditions were stable, daily activities are object to mood, health, interaction with others, and of course, the river’s conditions. I would like to explore a little bit of these relations between the Paiva River and a number of locals, asking them to perform some of their daily actions’ constituent gestures more than once, like being caught in a choreography of repetition and alternation. This will be recorded as audio and used as material for sound compositions. Floating sound players in the Paiva River, playing back the results of the described process, bring the sound of the alternated daily activities back to the river itself, mixing it with the ever-changing, yet seemingly repetitive and constant noise emitted by the Paiva River, as it moves through and yet is geographically fixed within the landscape.