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Project Description

Project: “Back to work”
 Sound Art
April 2012
 Arts Residency – Sound And Rural Architecture Festival

“Back to work” is a and anthropological inspired project which aims at putting work ethics in the center of creative reflection and practice. Based on the distinction between “to act” (to give meaning to our actions) and to do” (to perform a task in which the only criteria of value is “well done” or “badly done”), the artist wonders to what extent are we “agents” (subject holders of our actions, able to accomplish what we do) or “acted” (impersonal subjects within a whole) in our frantic daily activities. In this society of skills that only rewards the ability to know and not to exist, we can’t forget the importance of the “virtues”, in their their learning to the preservation of our identity. “Bread” is the first chapter of this series of artworks. Initially, the artist will learn the skill of making bread, to be taught by a lady of the Gralheira mountain range. In a second phase, the artist will work in an installation at an old country kitchen, which includes sound (laboring, fermentation, the lady’s voice, the artist’s voice, etc..), Video (performance), and objects of use (the oven, the mixer, etc.).