Manuela Barile – 2009

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Project Description

Project: “Locus in Quo”
Category: Video, Sound Art, Vocal Performance
Period: September/October 2009
Event: Art Residency

Locus in quo – which means “The place where something happens” – is the general title of a body of works based on a unique theme: the sense of places. The project consists of two video installations + a series of photographs and objects (“Pesa” and “Cá”), a sound installation/performance (Birdsoundcage) and a concert/performance (“Oikos”). During the residency in Nodar, Manuela Barile developed two of the project’s modules: “Cá” and “Birdsoundcage”.

In “Cá” the subject of the research are the abandoned villages in the area of the Gralheira mountains (near Nodar), places built centuries ago and that were recently abandoned. Manuela’s action proposez a way of taking back these places and make them born again, not physically but in the memory and in the consciousness both of those who lived, crossed, dreamed, forgot them, and of those others who don’t know about their existence, who ignore and don’t give them any interest. “Cá” intends to trace the signs of life and the memory in places perceived without any utility.

“Birdsoundcage” is a birdcage created through sound in an empty and aseptic room. Inside of it, there is a body lying on the ground, completely bandaged who makes a cage made by prostheses in order to survive. The prostheses are obtained attaching twigs of wood on the lower and upper limbs using white bandages.


Manuela Barile | Italy, Portugal

Manuela Barile is an Italian vocal researcher and interdisciplinary performer living in Portugal since 2006. Her artistic research is based on a project-oriented work that combines vocal sounds with different media (field recording, video, photography, installations, performance, improvisation, concert-performance, writing). In June 2006 she participated with Pino Pipoli at “Fresco Bosco” a Contemporary Art event curated by Achille Bonito Oliva in Italy. Her vocal compositions were included in various films, documentaries and video art projects (Annamaria Ippolito, Patricia Leal, Xaquin Rosales, etc.) and dance choreographies (Paula Pinto). In 2007 she started a collaboration with the sound artist Rui Costa, through an intermedia project ‘La Scatola’, conceived as a series of installations and performances. The Portuguese Ministry of Culture funded this project.