In Memoriam Gentis Nostrae #2: Sá, 1800-2000

In Memoriam Gentis Nostrae #2: Sá, 1800-2000 2017-03-03T18:47:09+00:00

Project Description

Project: “In Memoriam Gentis Nostrae #2: Sá, 1800-2000”
 Sound Art
April 2012
 Arts Residency – Sound And Rural Architecture Festival

“In Memoriam Gente Nostrae” (“In Memory of Our People”) binds directly to the author’s family history, specifically to the rural villages of the Gralheira mountain range, villages of origin of their ancestors to the sixth generation, who lived since the late eighteenth century. The project relates geographical-architecturaltemporal aspects of the memory of a family, including villages like Nodar, Sequeiros, Meã, Sa, Rompecilha, São Martinho das Moitas, Parada de Ester, etc. The second chapter of the project entitled “Sá: 1800-2000”, is the reactivation of the old family house in the village of Sá (parish of São Martinho das Moitas), a house that has exists since the beginning of the nineteenth century and that will be made to “speak” through a series of interviews with Norberto Gomes da Costa, who has been thoroughly investigating facts of many of the family members, and subtle sound actions to be undertaken in various rooms of the now practically empty house, which together form what could be called micro-historical soundscape.