Lasse-Marc Riek

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Project Description

Lasse-Marc Riek | Germany

Residency Period:

22 April – 7 May 2010

Art Project:

“Riparian” | Phonography, Soundwalk

This is a proposal with two segments of audiowork.

The focus will be on listening, writing and walking. Writing text and sound.

1. Diary:

– A diary about two soundwalks at both banks of the Paiva River.

Technical and material requirements: pencil and book

Result: listing of sound

2 days of walking at the left bank 28km

2 days of walking at the right bank 28km

2 days of preparing the material

1 day to calm down

Wild camping if it’s possible

2. Walking:

Recorded soundwalks to chapels located at the Paiva River

Technical and material requirements: recording gear

Result: archive and a composed soundscape

-2 days of researching trails and chapels

– Each one day for a chapel or an ancient site

– Number of chapels/ancient sites dependents by the chances.

A focus will be the idea of listening representing a process which moves from the outside to the inside and the question about the subjectivity of noise and silence.

Artistic Biography:

Lasse-Marc Riek (1975, Germany) uses different forms of expression in his producing. His works are interdisciplinary and can be conceived as groups of works of both visual art (action and conceptual art) and sound art. His art of sound can be described in terms such as acoustic ecology, bio acoustics and phonography. Here, Riek uses acoustic field recordings, storing them with different recording media, editing, archiving and presenting them in different contexts. Since 1997, he has operated internationally with exhibitions, concerts, lectures and projects and given guest performances in galleries, art museums, churches and museums. He contributes in public media as well as in podcasts. He obtained Scholarships, awards and was at artist-in-residence programs in Finland, Poland, Italy, France and Africa. He has numerous international publications of phonograms. He runs the label Gruenrekorder.