Project Description

Project: No Title

Category: Sound Art

Period: April 2012

Event: Arts Residency – Sound And Rural Architecture Festival

The project that I would like to develop arises out of an interest in the creation of space through movement and sound, with particular reference to Japanese Uguisub- ari (Nightingale floors), and the concept of Ma. It seeks to unpick aspects of the reciprocal relationship and performative act that the participant and the space engages in, through movement on a pavement, bridge, pathway, etc… For the residency I would like to develop temporary structures that draw attention and play with these “liminal spaces”. I would seek to make pieces that encourage a sense of playfulness yet also allow for lone contemplation. It is very much about our time signature being interlaced with the rhythms of others to create an orchestration of a dance on the pavement, for example, which creates temporary sonic spaces in-between the permanent architectural strata.