Magaio Egregore

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Project Description

Joachim Montessuis & Gaël Segalen

“Magaio Egregore” is a sound creation based on the convergence of our two approaches : the field recording and dialogue artistic practice of Gaël Segalen and the trance oriented composer and performer Joachim Montessuis. The aim of this project is to reveal the “spirit of the place”, an invitation to create a communion spirit in the rural area and express what would/could be a collective egregore ( concept referring to a group spirit, an autonomous psychic entity or force produced and influenced by the desires and emotions of many individuals united in a common goal). For achieving that, the artists want to process a composition and a live performance with the recorded voices of the villagers of Magaio. This composition will be a massive dissonant polyphony, a colossal drone puzzle as a deep ritualistic crescendo litany going from semantical words to a fertil sonic compost. A linguistic meta-dialogue, from the treasures of the language, local expressions (vernacular), stories, the continuous flow and infinite stories stimulated by the microphone, will feed the composition.