Project Description

Project: Aproximación al Territorio
Co-author: Cristina Tascón
Category: Photography, Drawing
Period: September 2006
Event: Nodar Pushing the Medium #2 Symposium

An intervention on the territory was proposed, a transdisciplinary project of search and investigation. An investigation of the social and environmental relations of the village was made, trying to reach some sort of geographical and demographical knowledge. An approach was made with the inhabitants, trying to identify as they are interlaced among themselves and as they are related to the territory as public space where these connections happen.

Thus it was possible to go deep in the kinship system, relations between the same families and games with their last names. Associations between people and places, and places as connections between people were made. Stories arose, some of them false and others true ones. Others, that make reference to the memory file.

The basic tools to face the project were drawing and its sound, histories and the sound of histories. We played with those elements. The compilation of documents, of situations and experiences werel also graphically represented. The planning and tactics to approach the project were reinvented every day according to it’s development and the circumstances, chances and possibilities that the inhabitants themselves offered us.

The gathered material and the connections produced were presented in an exhibition dedicated to the Nodar inhabitantsbe, whereby the result of our investigation took shape. Although, by the nature of the project itself, it would have to be incapable to admit any definition and closed formalization.

Ingrid Quiroga | Spain

Born in Bogotá, Colombia but living and working in Barcelona. Ingrid has a degree in fine art with a post graduation in art project management and since 2002 she has shown her paintings, drawings, photos and installations in a variety of spanish galleries, museums and other spaces. In the recent years she has been developing and collaborating with projects of cultural intervention in public spaces and, besides her artistc career, she works in the area of cultural project management and production.