Project Description

Project: Nodar tensions
Category: Acousmatic composition, mixed-media installation, video, photography
August 2008
Event: Art Residency

The project I propose to develop in Nodar is based on the daily life activities carried in Nodar and around by its villagers.In my work, the Environment and the tensions created by the human presence are of great importance: the spaces, the objects, the remains and the phenomena, the way how these issues interfere with the perception and the consciousness lead me to search for ambiguous locations, of contact, where both these affinities and the tensions capable of activating our perception exist, from which always certain sense of border arises.

To search for revealing elements of a large Nodar inhabitants stand on their world and the perceptional universe that surrounds them, but also to search for latent tensions.

Starting from this investigation, I plan to create an acousmatic piece to be installed / adapted to a specific space. With this piece I plan to generate, from the reinterpretation of materials provided by the space itself, a situation of dissonance and scission, capable of activating the perception, therefore opening a breach in a place of Nodar.

Audio sample from interior by Francisco Janes:

Francisco Janes | Portugal

(1981, Lisbon) Studied literature at Lisbon University. Finished the Advanced Photography Bachelor program at Ar.Co School in Lisbon.

In his projects he works with photography, video, sound (in particular the areas of field recording and concrete music), objects and mixed-media installations. The central focus of his work is perception and the phenomenological processes of consciousness, and the particular notions of boundary and scission.

Francisco Janes won the Ernesto de Sousa Scholarship for 2008, granted by Phil Niblock’s Experimental Intermedia Foundation and the Luso-American Foundation.