Project Description

Duncan Whitley

Synopsis: A composed sound work of approximately 10 minutes duration, rendered as a 4 channel work and also adaptable to a stereo format for CD, radio, online release, etc. The work will focus on the voices of 4 shepherds, recorded in their daily work, guiding animals to and from the fields to graze.
Methodology: The artists proposes to work with four shepherds, who will be fitted with portable sound recording equipment. The idea is to record the voices of the shepherds in their typical, routine work, with as little intervention as possible from the artist as a recordist. His presence in recording sessions will be required only for the fitting and testing of equipment.
Conceptual approach: Duncan Whitley propose this project as a creative investigation in semi-autonomous documentary / ethnographic practice. Whilst he will shape the outcome of the work through the editing process, he is interested in how removing his hand as the documentarist / ethnographer can influence the kind of material gathered in fieldwork.