Duncan Whitley – 2008

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Project Description

Project: G.D. Parada
Category: Field Recordings, Video
Period: October 2008
Event: Artist Residency

Duncan Whitley developed a sound project about a small amateur football club in the Nodar area, Grupo Desportivo de Parada de Ester (Castro Daire). He explored the role of GD Parada within the local community of Parada de Ester, through detailed soundscape work, which focused on the team, both in training and in competition. Recordings at training sessions involved a variety of recording techniques in order to capture the sounds of training drills and exercises.

The work will be presented to the club’s supporters and players (and to general audiences) in the form of a 4 channel audio piece at the GD Parada’s clubhouse.

This project follows other similar ones developed about English football clubs (Coventry City, Brighton Hove Albion, Reading…).

A sample of Duncan Whitley’s audio recordings made with G. D. Parada:

Duncan Whitley | Great Britain

Duncan Whitley is an English artist (trained in the visual arts) and sound recordist whose recent work has focused on collecting, analysing, categorising and editing raw material extracted from the social and urban fabric. He is interested in the social and documentary values of sound as a medium, and his work explores the use of sound and new media to develop alternative narrative forms.

Recent projects include an archive of audio recordings documenting tower block demolitions around the UK; an ongoing collaborative project (with composer and artist James Wyness) centred around multiple perspective sound recordings exploring aspects of the Semana Santa processions of Seville, Spain; and a searchable audio archive which documents the songs and chants of the Coventry City FC fans during the last ever matches at their historic Highfield Road stadium.