Craig Dongoski

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Project Description

Craig Dongoski | USA

Residency Period:
1 – 14 July 2010

Art Project:
“Durations: Paiva River” | Drawing, Performance and Sound Art

The first part of my project will involve the study of the river’s contour. I will use my study of this encounter to guide my investigation of expressive outcome using piezo contact mics to record the sound of inscription and shotgun microphones to capture the ambience on-site. By walking the contour of the river, I will literally be engaging in the same functional role as the drawing implement, i.e. tracing the contour precisely and directly. The use of maps, photographs and tracking devices as foundations for the smaller artefact drawings are essential studies toward next generation large-scale DURATION drawings. The drawings are based initially on the contours. Through the process of repeated interpretations, the work begins to yield strata (literally and metaphorically). The organic approach to drawing is intended to reflexively embrace the time found within the geological realm. The project is established to study gesture and the expansive role of drawing. The use of audio technologies within the realm of drawing is what makes relevant this expanse. This motivates an investigation of embodied experience in a solo setting, constrained by the shaped structure of a geologic/geographic body. I intend to adopt principled methods of performance research in parallel with drawing techniques and audio recording. The approach is informed by the observation that repetitive and continuous action yields results of time like that found in nature.

Artistic Biography:

Craig Dongoski is an artist working out of Atlanta, Georgia (USA) in the Creative Writing, Dance, Media Studies, Sound/Music and Theatre domains. His methods have been acknowledged in a number of ways including being nominated twice for a Ford/Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship in New Media and receiving a University-Wide Award in Innovation in Instruction at Georgia State University. He also has a commercially released CD on Hydra Head Records, titled ‘Drawing Voices’.