Coletivo UVBA

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Project Description

Project: “Santo” (”Saint”)

Category: Sound Art

Period: April 2012

Event: Arts Residency – Sound And Rural Architecture Festival

Our reflection will be centered on the history of two chapels (separated by a few hundred meters) that are part of the cult to the same saint – Saint Macário (São Pedro do Sul County). We want to experience them, measure them, mark them, pray in them and build relations between the two hermitages, their narratives and the communities that use them. What will be presented at the end of the residency, resulting from that experience, is still completely open-ended.


The UVBA Collective, descendent from the Communication and Art Department of the University of Aveiro, incorporates a group of artists from different areas but with common interests: performance, video, architec- ture, land art, social networks and urbanism and that decided to join to develop projects, talk, study, have dinner and drinks together and to discuss, not neces- sarily by that order. The collective seeks to investigate and reflect upon different issues regarding live, contemporary artistic practice and everything else.

João Vilnei (Brazil) is a Master (2009) in Contemporary Artistic Creation by the University of Aveiro – Portugal and graduate (2006) in Media and Advertisement by the Federal University of Ceará. He is a visual artist and performer and is part of the Research Lab in Body, Communication and Art at LICCA.

Pedro Pais Correia (Portugal) is a Master in Contemporary Artistic Creation by the University of Aveiro and a public school teacher.

Pedro Silva (Oliveira de Frades, 1974) is graduated in architecture by Universidade Lusíada in 1997. As a young collaborator of Alexandre Marques Pereira, Philip Cabau and Manuel Taínha, at the Chiado Atelier, he participated in national and international bids and a few projects. In Oliveira de Frades, in 2007, he opened his own atelier (psaa arquitectura), where he has been developing architecture, planning and design works.