Project Description

Project: Beyond the Cities
Category: Visual arts
Period: June 2008
Event: Art Residency

I propose to make a quasi-instructional DVD/CD-Rom/website about survival in post catastrophic times. Partly comical, very serious due to the determination, partly absurd due to the sheer hopelessness of the endeavour. The work was expanded with writing, photography, sculpture, installation and performance. I intend to show the result in two ways: locally as a collection of physical objects (video, film, photography and writing are included in this category here), and as a website. The project would be made locally in response to the space and people of Nodar, but this is an outline of the ideas for it: A shelter – to live in. I will research the local materials by looking around, maybe interviewing local people and by collecting thrown-away things that could still be used. Interviews, photographs of the collected materials and objects and a video demonstration of how to put them together as well as of the finished shelter could be elements of the finished work. The physical shelter itself will be a site-specific installation and might house the local presentation of the work.

Food: I am hoping that because of the remoteness of the region, old traditional ways of growing and preserving food have survived and are still practiced in the community. I would like to research and collect these. The result could be both a written manual and a more fictional slapstick film about a city girl trying to grow things.

Generally, the work should acknowledge the fact that everything in it, despite its serious background, is made in complete safety. It is a trial run, a thought experiment. Modern technologies, after all might not work anymore in the case of real disaster. I want to use the space that art creates to make people laugh and think in turn, to take pride in what should be conserved and maybe see their world in a slightly different light.

Christine Niehoff | Germany

is a London-based German visual artist,working in the fields of installation and video. She has presented her work in many festivals and galleries across Europe and the USA (One-Minute-Film Festival – Switzerland, Terrace Gallery – London, Zemos98 Film
and Video Festival – Spain to name a few). One of her thematic concerns is the threat to life as we know it, not only by environmental disaster but also by the precariousness of the globalized, technological urban world itself.