Project Description

Charles Stankievech | Canada

Residency Period:
1 – 14 July 2010

Art Project:
Without Title | Installation and Performance

The artist will look at the unheard flowing of the Paiva River region by recording underwater, electromagnetic and radiophonic sounds. Using hydrophones embedded into the river, he will record the flow of the water and the life within it. Using electromagnetic microphones, he will record the traces of industry surrounding the rivers course. Using a radio receiver, he will capture the communication of society flowing across the river. Combined these textures of white noise (water flow, electromagnetic hum + pulses, and FM noise) will give a sonic portrait of the river’s dynamic life as it shapes natural landscape and is shaped by culture. The final result will be a sound composition for radio broadcast: available for local radio or as an installation in the gallery presented using a transmitter and an emergency wind-up radio.

Artistic Biography:

Charles Stankievech is a Canadian artist who works at the intersection of art, architecture and theory. His work has been exhibited in the Biennale of Architecture (Venice), Banff Centre for the Arts (Canada), Subtle Technologies (Toronto), Eyebeam (New York), and the Atlantic Center for the Arts (Florida). Stankievech holds an MFA in Open Media and BA (hon.) in Philosophy and Literature. His writings have been included in a variety of academic journals, such as Leonardo Music Journal (MIT Press), books and artists’ catalogues. He has worked under notable soundscape and sound artists R. Murray Schafer, David Dunn and Alvin Lucier. Currently, he is also a researcher in the Digital Media network for the University of the Arctic, Canada.