Project Description

Title: “Campanologias Beirãs” (“Beira Campanologies”)
Author: Luís Costa
Co-production: Binaural/Nodar and Viriato Theatre
Artistic collaboration: Rui Costa
Field recordings: Luís Costa and Nely Ferreira

“Campanologias Beirãs” (“Beira Campanologies”) is a sound composition by Binaural/Nodar’s Luís Costa performed exclusively by bells of churches and chapels from city and towns in Viseu Dão Lafões region in Portugal, that are activated by dozens of young volunteers who follow a visual based score with instructions related both to the Portuguese bell ringing tradition and to the sound perception of the place itself, creating a specific and unrepeatable phonosphere. One or several routes are proposed to the audience to be followed simultaneously along with the interpretation of the work.

“Campanologias Beirãs” (“Beira Campanologies”) is drawn from various sources and influences that contributed to a narrative that act on the emotional activation of the work, which try to escape the condition of a purely sonic event: First, the symbolic and liberating aspect of youths to access bell towers, considered hard to reach places, but also the narrative connection to the theological significance of the specific churches, their patron saints and its associated anthropological rituals.

“Campanologias Beirãs” (“Beira Campanologies”) invite the public to follow a listening guide to enable concentration, meditation and intensity in the reception of a work that unequivocally assumed its condition of sacred contemporary art, thus imbued of an evangelising spirit in parallel with its purely aesthetic aspects.


Public Presentations:

A Viseu Campanology

31 May 2014 at 8.30 pm

Locations: seven church towers in Viseu historic centre.
Sampaedrense Campanology

02 Aug 2015 at 19.30 pm

Locations: four church towers in São Pedro do Sul historic centre.