Ben Owen

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Project Description

Project: “An Encircled Reflection: Resounding Nodar”
Category: Sound Art, Video and Performance
Period: July 2009
Event: Art Residency

“For ‘An Encircled Reflection’, the medium, the material used to make this installation, is sound and physical space. I use my ears and a recorder to collect different sounds and make them into something else by combining them back into the environmental walk. ‘An Encircled Reflection’ maps a territory through installation where an open framework is interpretive, where sound made by the artist is discoverable on the same level as the soundscape itself. The piece features unprocessed and composed musical pieces that comprise natural and electronic sounds which are shaped into subtle compositions on the path around Nodar. I have recorded ordinary sounds; like birds, flies or crickets and patched them together into the landscape. This ‘music’ plays from non-visible speakers inside the landscape where the attention blurs between what is created and placed by the artist and the soundscape that exists already. I am not interested in expressing ideas in the form of music, but rather about interacting with something which is already there. In exploring the fusion of our senses I am inviting the audience to stop for a moment, to listen to the sounds and to think about where and what they are coming from and their place in this environment.”

At the end of his residency presentation, Ben gave away to the audience a CDr with some 5 minute sound pieces he did while in Nodar. Here is one of them, “Gutter Outside Window #1” recorded at July, 16th 2009:

Ben Owen | USA

Ben Owen is an American sound artist. He graduated in Art History and BFA Studio Art (sculpture and printmaking) Virginia Commonwealth University. Ben Owen is an investigator, explorer and illustrator of the physical properties of the world we inhabit. His work across multiple media, including sound, video and, importantly, stone litho printmaking, is motivated by a desire to more deeply understand the inner life and character of the materials he Works with, rather than an impulse to control or implement them. Ben’s current work includes improvised and graphic score based performance, audio and video collaborations. He has been involved in a considerable number of performances in museums, festivals and galleries in cities like New York, California, Tokyo and Berlin.