Anna Hints

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Project Description

Anna Hints | Estonia

Residency Period:

6 – 21 April 2010

Art Project:

„Mind the River“|Vocal Performance, Photography, Installation

My project is about a journey of what the river means to me. A personal flow with several meeting points. I am interested in a trialogue between 3 places that are all connected by the fact that they have a river that is an important part of the place. I plan to take as well as 2 weeks in Nodar, 2 weeks in Tartu and 2 weeks in Kääpa. In all 3 places I plan the events beneath. There is not strict line between the audience and the performer. I plan to have a communication attempt between the local people and objects/animals.

1. I ask people, for one hour per day, to come near the river and be silent and listen to the sounds inside themselves and also outside. Personal silence connected by the river.

2. A video of the journey nearby the river of my walking steps following the steps on the ground. A life flow path, a journey, a mindriver and also a memory river.

3. I take the water from Tartu Emajõgi and Iask people from Tartu to speak to the water telling it the wishes and prays for Nodar people. I do the same with the water from Võhandu River in Kääpa. In Nodar I put the messages from the people to the water by uniting the waters. I take the water from Nodar and ask locals from there to tell the wishes to Estonia.

4. I would like to ask people to join me for ritual singing around the river. Everyone is asked to sing something that has affected him/her, that is part of the person`s personal memory. In the way of singing the songs to the river our personal memories are collected and spread around in the water.

Artistic Biography:

Anna Hints is an Estonian artist working in the areas of photography, performance, installation, sound art, folk and experimental singing. She studied Estonian and Comparative Literature and Folklore at University of Tartu and Photography at Arts University of Tartu. Since 2005 she has presented her work in festivals, galleries and museums in Russia, México and several Estonian venues.