Ritos Sagrados

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Project Description

Project: Ritos sagrados
Category: Field recordings, sound anthropology, installation
Period: October 2013
Event: Art Residency

The project seeks the free and open exploration of the local “sacred rites”, from the point of view of someone who has not been trained in the Catholic tradition and has no previous experience in Portugal. Following a virgin, but not naïve, appearance, questions will induce honest narratives, explanations, stories of local traditions relating to the connection between religion and daily life as well as special events. The community dimension (festivals, processions, baptisms) and the domestic universe (prayers, healing rituals) will both be explored. This is not an anthropological investigation of an academic but an experimental investigation. The project is not intended to capture the treasures of the local elders but to be a humble cultural exchange. An Uruguayan searches the Portuguese rural cultural memory garden, seeking possible influences on the traditions that have shaped, with contributions from Spanish colonists and immigrants and indigenous cultural elements, the cosmogenic forest of rural Uruguayan cultures, the most influenced by the contribution of Brazilian Portuguese. But you never know what and who is going to be found. From the recording of these meetings, two radio pieces will be created, with an estimated duration of 20 minutes each. These radio pieces will consist of different materials: conversations, interviews, soundscapes, recitations, readings, archival material and will seek ways to bring to the sound narrative elements that give background information and sensitive understanding.