Project Description


Project: Lament
Category: Field recordings, installation
Period: April 2013
Event: Art Residency

The Ar_Search collective thought of a series of sound sculptures that will be installed in a church based on the local iconography and objectal religious heritage, crossing the private religious phonosphere – lament. The installation is based on a number of empty glass domes inhabited by a rotating system driven by a motor that will slowly make rotate a small metal arm, placed near the glass to produce a friction between the glass and the metal arm, a “lament”. The empty dome, commonly used to protect religious images, embodies the palpable absence of the place where once symbolic faith objects dwelt. These small altars, empty of content, but cyclical and repetitive in its internal mechanisms, represent an ancestral movement of hope and disappointment. This works as a judicious metaphor for our era, where the sensation of imbalance and doubt has replaced the certainty of eternal progress and endless economic growth. In parallel, we propose a collection of recordings of songs, prayers and rosaries, because faith and personal strength takes in churches an expression of a collective nature, so the recordings to be made in the churches would integrate the installation, so taking advantage of the acoustic qualities and architectural space of the church.