12 Dog Cycle

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Project Description

Alice Hui-Sheng Chang & Nigel Brown (12 Dog Cycle)

Alice Hui-Sheng Chang (Taiwan) and Nigel Brown (Australia) hope to create a re-imagining of local history and myths through the minds and voices of its youth. The source of these stories will be the elderly and other senior members of the community. Through their stories, the artists will search for traces of the non-lingual voice: in instances it may be possible for a storyteller to reproduce a vocalization –a call used in summoning a flock, or an imitation of the sighs of an old irrigation system. Then again, a sound may be sought in the representation of an idea –the heat of summer in a bare field. The stories will be shared in a group setting –the storytellers, the artists and a group of children between six and twelve years of age. Sounds from the stories will form the starting point for a group vocal workshop. Vocal play might begin with imitation of a storyteller’s call, later with participants encouraged to explore and transform each sound until it becomes their own. In other instances, vocalization will begin with the imagination, set in motion by story. The workshops will culminate in a participatory performance.

Alice Hui-Sheng Chang (Taiwan) and Nigel Brown (Australia) create sound in performance and recordings as 12 dog cycle. They pair the breathing limitations of human voice and piano accordion, extending the voice through extreme unconventional technique and the accordion’s acoustic properties through preparations, extended techniques and live electronic manipulation. Since 2006, their work as a duo has been shown in Australia, East Asia, Europe and America at festivals including Santander Sound Art Festival, Spain; Elsie Else Festival, France; Kuandu Arts Festival, Taiwan; tranSonic Festival, Taiwan; 2pi Festival, China; Liquid Architecture Festival and Electrofringe Festival, Australia. Their recorded works have been published by Trente Oiseaux (Germany), Ecosono (USA) and Mind Twisting Records (Poland).