Chance Chants

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Project Description

Project: Chance Chants
Category: Public space vocal performance
Period: April 2013
Event: Art Residency

Adam Overton will research the various chants and various forms of divination used in Nodar, in order to develop some simple Chance Chants, which are group chants using chance procedures and inspired by John Cage’s work with the I Ching. The artist will develop some kind of system or chart that can generate a custom chant for anybody in need of one. These lucky chants could be based on information input into the program (i.e. age, date of birth, credit card number, etc), or various other personalized factors, and could then be used in private, or in group performances.

The plan is to generate the chants using various syllabic and textual source materials used by the locals: pre-existing chants, lucky phrases, religious, sacred, or lucky texts, which are then broken down into syllables, and then categorized, re-arranged using chance procedures, and then sounded out.