Project Description

(mp3 – 128 Kbps)

The improvised monologue of a radio announcer in a stadium is a sound event that involves spoken expression of the highest calibre. As they describe the game’s plays, announcers are subject to emotional sensations that shape the way they speak. The tension of watching, marked by uncertainty about how the game will progress, generates powerful emotional states that are expressed in physical movements and spontaneous bursts of sound. Seldom does a comparable major event unleash behaviours that are more archaic. Whether one thinks of competitions in the amphitheatres of the ancient world, of Roman gladiators or of the bullfights of Spain – all are epic forms of identification and representative enactment. A form of pagan music arises from the collective rites, with their drumming, horn-blowing and choral chants, whose dynamic is controlled solely by the events. The radio commentaries function via the media network as disseminators, and also symbolise the simultaneous release of emotional energies by thousands of millions of people around the globe. In the installation that this sound piece is part of, the balls stand as metaphors. If we listen in, we hear the resonating space of this world.

Artist’s Biography:

Born in 1959 in Hessen (southern Germany), lives in Berlin. 1982-1990 studied Fine Arts in Hamburg with Claus Böhmler and Henning Christiansen. 1992 – 98 gives lectures at the college of Lüneburg in the department of aesthetic & communication. 2002 winner of the first German Sound Art Award, Sculpture Museum Glaskasten, Marl. 2003 Initiator and Curator of the Symposium with exhibitions and concerts “STARLINGS ABOVE BERLIN – Sound Art meets Bioacoustics – on the Aesthetics of Birdsongs”. 2006 Initiator of the project “WORLD CUP’06 – RADIO COMMENTARIES IN NATIVE TONGUE SYNCHRONOUS RECORDINGS”. 2007 Guest lecturer at the University of Fine Arts Berlin, faculty Fine Arts for Sound Art.