Project Description

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“Forza Bari! Alé! Alé!” is a composition that combines extended vocal techniques, field recordings and performance.

In this piece, I want to underline the social value that characterizes football, which can still give people a strong sense of community despite the changes of modernity. The strong collective sense of belonging that arises during a football match, which is expressed at its maximum during big events and victories, sometimes can involve the entire community, an entire population, even those who normally appear outside of any involvement. Getting all together in this ceremony allows the affirmation of a collective consciousness. The society becomes aware of itself, provides the desire to embark a common journey in the name of the same ideal, creates a kind of emotional bond with that specific territory.

Inspired by some funny moments of my childhood related to football, in August 2010, I organized a lunch with some members of my family and an old friend and fan of the football team of my hometown: Bari. My aim was to recreate the atmosphere of a typical noisy and memorable Sunday lunch at my grandmother’s house, always characterized by the same elements: ‘strasc’nat con le brasciole’ (a kind of pasta with veal or horse chops), the radio that would transmit the live commentary of the match, the sound comments and unexpected gestures of my uncle, a crazy fan of the team, and the tragicomic squabbles between him, my grandmother and the other guests at the table.

The radio commentary I used in my performance was from the last Bari match of the 85-86 season, which ended with a resounding victory of Bari against Pescara, 2 goals to 0. By winning this match, Bari finally returned to ‘Serie A’ after 16 years in B. The event was received with great enthusiasm by everyone in Bari, who massively poured out into the streets, banging pans, singing and shouting.

Through its louder football supporters, I want to offer a typical portrait of the Bari citizen, a comic figure, simple, genuine, always ready to show off, very attached to his city and family.

Special thanks: Marco Dellino, the Barile family for the participation in the performance and Giuseppe Balenzano for the Bari radio commentary.

Artist’s Biography:

Manuela Barile is an Italian multidisciplinary artist and vocal performer that leaves and works in Portugal. Her artistic research is based on a project-oriented work that combines vocal compositions based on extended vocal techniques focused on the relation between voice, soundscape and acoustic properties of the place with different media (performance art, field recordings, video, photography). It is developed on and for places, taking in account several aspects, such as the natural conformation of the territory, tradition, memory, ritual and sacred symbolizations deposited as indelible signs in the ground. Manuela Barile is the co-artistic director of Binaural, a Portuguese cultural organization dedicated to the promotion of sound and media arts in a rural context.