03 Emeka Ogboh: Up Blues

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Project Description

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The English premier league is fast sweeping across the length and breadth of the nation Nigeria and the African continent as a whole, propelled by the incursion of African players to the league.

The league is religiously followed and supported, with the top four clubs (Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United) being the most popular.

The English premier league merchandising is also booming, making the English football clubs and their brands very visible and easily recognizable across the country’s landscape.

Fans celebrate their teams by showing off club branded paraphernalia, especially the football jerseys. They congregate in football viewing centers to watch live games, support their beloved clubs and get their weekly premier league season’s rush of adrenalin. In these viewing centers, there are two opposing camps rooting for the two teams playing the football match. Members of these camps transcend ethnicity in Nigeria to create their own football tribes tied to the team they are supporting. It does not matter what your tribe or tongue is, the only language spoken and understood in this arena is that of football.

Here, matches are analyzed by the minute. Legends are created or destroyed. Heroes are worshiped or disgraced. Victory songs and taunts are composed instantly and based on the ongoing game. And above all, relationships are established and solidified amongst supporters of same club, who identify themselves by club colours and rantings.

“Up Blues” celebrates one of such live matches at the Dominion Plaza viewing center, Badore (6° 30’ 06.48”N, 3° 34’ 59.45”E), Lagos Nigeria. It follows the Chelsea football club fans passion, their excitement and the camaraderie as their club defeats their opponent.

Artist’s Biography:

Emeka Ogboh: Nigerian new media artist has variously explored the soundscape of Lagos, Nigeria to affect a constructive dialogue between its physicality and it’s imagining. For him the architectonic of Lagos as a mega city, for example, opens up questions on cultural narcissism, third world mobility and globalization processes. His creative templates include but are not limited to sound, video and photography.

Emeka is the co-founder of the Video Art Network Lagos and a member of the African Centre for Cities project on African Urbanism. He is participating in the Locus Sonus international stream project and was part of the Media Lab in Africa delegation to the 16th International Symposium on Electronic Art, ISEARHUR2010.