Concert within the cycle: “Binaural: The Archaic Sound”
Estúdio Performas , Aveiro (PT)
Rinus van Alebeek (NL) (tape real time mixing)
Date: Thu, 24 June 2010, 10.00 p.m.
Entrance: 2.5 Euro (Performas associates), 5 Euro (general audiences)

Workshop “Analog Flows: Listening to an other Era, Working with Magnetic Tape
Estúdio Performas , Aveiro (PT)
Dates: 28 – 30 June 2010 (5.30 – 10.30 p.m.)
Direction: Rinus Van Alebeek (NL)
Fee: 30 Euro per participant

Rinus Van Alebeek is an electronic musician and performer born in Holland in 1956. He comes to music relatively late, having published two books in his home country under the pseudonym of Philip Markus, the first of which, published in 1991 in the Netherlands received the prize for best first novel. His approach to musical improvisation is radical, and often based on sounds captured on their many trips through the U.S., Europe and the Maghreb countries. Rinus Van Alebeek using simple sound capturing  systems like microphones connected to old Walkmans and dictaphones. During its concerts he mixes and processes many of its tapes with the help of a mixer and an effects pedal, creating powerful lo-fi sound collages between noise and pure poetry.

The workshop will be pretty much filled with working on the recordings made by the participants. Rinus will not introduce the different types of recording gear used by colleagues in the field, nor will he fill the hours and ears with theories on soundscapism or other subjects. Best is if the participants arrive at the workshop with ten minutes of recordings made by them. They have to be analogue. The participants and Rinus will listen to the recordings and he will comment these recordings and offer critics, comments, nonsensical remarks, allusions, accusations, proposals, predictions, alternatives, help and honour.

Additional Information:

Artistic Direction: Rinus Van Alebeek
Production Direction: Luís Costa
Production Assistant: Carina Martins