SOCCOS network meeting in Viseu Dão Lafões

SOCCOS, a Creative Europe project that includes Q-O2, Hai Art, CTM Festival, A-I-R laboratory and Binaural Nodar had its Portuguese meeting between September 28th and October 1st and we visited places like Vouzela, Várzea de Calde (Viseu) and Macieira (São Pedro do Sul). This is a sound art network very much based on site-specific interactions with local, urban and rural, contexts.

Below are some photos of the activities, including a short sound workshop for kindergarten children followed by a performance by the local women singing group, at the Linen Museum of Vázra de Calde and a visit to the magnificent mount São Macário in Macieira, São Pedro do Sul.

Thanks to our partners and local communities for the wonderful moments together!

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