Open Call for Artist Residencies in 2011

Binaural/Nodar announces:

The rural voice: sacrality, leisure and work

Nodar Artist Residency Program for 2011: Open call for the presentation of art projects


Application Submission period:

May 1, 2010 – September 30, 2010


Artistic Disciplines:

Sound Poetry; Vocal Performance; Sound Art; Phonography; Acoustic, Electroacoustic or Electronic Composition / Improvisation; Radio Art; Video Performance


The application is open to art projects centred in the human voice, which work with issues such as the origin, meaning and relationship with the sacred (reconnected to its ancestral meaning of mystery and symbol), the voice as a pivotal element of rituals, customs and superstitions, able to enchant the listener and bring deep changes to the reality, to the communities and territory, the voice as the protagonist of memories, myths, archetypes, folk wisdom handed down through the centuries, or even the voice of everyday, tool for work and life.

15 art projects will be selected to be developed in a series of artist residencies that will take place between May and October 2011 in interaction with the context of each of the 15 rural villages of the Gralheira mountain region, those ones that comprise the network of “Aldeias de Magaio: Nodar, Sequeiros, Sete Fontes, Rompecilha, Macieira, Aldeia, Leirados, Fujaco, Candal, Póvoa das Leiras, Covas do Rio, Covas do Monte, Pena, Manhouce and Vilarinho.

The developed works will be presented to the public in early 2012, as part of an event that will include concerts, exhibition of videos, lectures and a retrospective exhibition of the whole project. This exhibition will have an itinerant character and an underlying program of educational activities.

Click here for additional information on this open call.

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