Rui Costa, sound artist and Binaural/Nodar’s co-artistic director, presented a sound piece for PVA Labculture‘s Audiolab_10, held in March 2010 at Dorset, GB. This series of field recording-based pieces was curated by Binaural/Nodar’s associated artist Duncan Whitley.

Rui Costa “Suspension of Judgement” 5min00

(recorded Lisbon, April 18th 2009)

From my high-rise apartment, outside sounds generated at several distances appear flattened in one plane, which can be disorienting. On a Saturday afternoon I noticed an interesting sound event. It had rained and the flow of traffic outside produced a constant swoosh that made other sounds barely inaudible. The disorienting character of the soundscape was even more evident than usual. I edited the recording in a multi-layered way, creating multiple “folds” of the original timeline.