“Pesa#1”, a video performance by Manuela Barile which is part of her “Locus in Quo” project was selected to the Australian International Experimental Film Festival. Pesa#1 will be shown in the Private Space, Public Space and the Line In-Between programme that will screen at 6pm, Saturday 1st May 2010, in the Red Room – Suek-Artist, Melbourne.

Locus in quo – which means “the place where something happens” – is the general title I gave to a body of works based on a particular theme: the sense of places. The project consists of two video installations + a series of photographs and objects (Pesa and ), a sound installation/performance (Birdsoundcage) and a concert performance (Oikos). These components function both as interconnected, independent works and, as a single cohesive work.

Click here for additional information on the festival and on the full list of works to be presented.