Between June 21th and 28th will take place a Tramontana International Forum, integrated into the new Creative Europe programme, part of European Commission’s Culture sub-program 2014-2020, between associations dedicated to audiovisual research of rural mountain cultures from Portugal, Spain, France and Italy. The Forum will take place in the Italian Apennines of Tuscany and Abruzzi, being scheduled an intense agenda of meetings between associations and public presentations where both the results of previous and current activities as the prospects opened by the second biennium of the project will be addressed. Luís Costa from Binaural/Nodar will attend the forum, which is hosted by the cultural organizations La Leggera (Tuscany), Bambun and LEM Italy (Abruzzo, Italy).

During the Tramontana Forum Binaural/Nodar curates a sound and video installation “RETRAMONTANA, ECHI / SGUARDI” (“Retramontana, Echoes/Looks”) to be shown on June 27th in a communal area of the village of Cesacastina (Teramo Province). The installation is conceived from ethno-anthropological audiovisual material of the various partners (from Portugal, Spain, Italy and France) of the European project Tramontana including the Binaural/Nodar.

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